tekom conference autumn 2016

A look back, and on we go!

The annual exchange between service providers, system manufacturers and users will, in addition to the exciting lectures and workshops, always create substantia From the feedback of the interested parties, we have taken home the following:

  • With the consistent use of web technologies, the Smart Media Creator has an enormous advantage in terms of collaboration and flexibility. Spontaneous home office, collaboration in different locations and with external parties, simple updates, because nothing has to be installed on individual workstations, low implementation effort in adaptations through agile technologies ... just to name a few of the advantages of our web-based editorial system.
  • Our fair license model is well accepted: Only writing editors need a license (floating), reviewers do not need licenses. For example, you can let product managers, outsiders or clients participate in the review workflow in the SMC (even e-mails with a link to the content can be sent automatically) without additional license costs.
  • The new HTML-based XML editor convinces: "Clearly structured", "intuitive", "tidied up" we often heard during the presentation of our editor. So we were able to convince both XML gurus and "still-word users". The prospective customers liked the easy handling of tables. Even moving rows and columns is easy. So working in XML is possible, without you noticing it (except, you want to notice it, because the view with or without XML tags is of course flexibly adjustable).
  • With our Content Delivery Portal, we are on the pulse of time. Already a few years ago, we started developing a "simple" way of accessing (through metadata and keywords) the content managed by the SMC. And so now that everyone speaks about "content delivery", we already have a solution for SMC customers.
  • Our connection options to InDesign and TYPO3 delight our colleagues in marketing. Smart Media Creator manages (translated and versioned) content with the utmost flexibility, and it can be used further by creative minds.


Congratulations to the lucky winners!

What a commotion at the booth of Expert Communication Systems, what a pleasure with Ye Tian (Avira), the lucky winner of the iPhone 7!

Also the Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Wireless Headphones have since been raffled off and found a new owner in Manfred Göbl (Dr JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH).

We wish you both much pleasure in your prize!

Gewinner iPhone 7