Our new HTML-based XML Editor

The best has just got better

It is fairly certain that "Everything used to be better" is not a sentence that is often heard in the field of technical editing and communication.

We too are of the opinion that good should always become even better. That is why we are not only working continuously on further functions to optimise the work of individual authors and the collaboration within our web-based editing system, but we are also improving existing basic functions.

For this reason we will shortly be making another XML Editor available to our customers. Which is not only good, but better.

These advantages of the existing editor are retained:

  • Fully integrated into the user interface of the SMC
  • Toolbar similar to that in Word
  • Integrated spellchecker
  • Terminology checker of the SMC can be applied
  • Functions for author support can continue to be used: Auto-completion, connection of iMatch or Acrolinx is possible
  • Work steps can be undone
  • Integrated search function

These features will become even better:

  • HTML-based and therefore compatible with all browsers (even Safari)
  • Clearer layout: The presentation in the Editor is clear and "uncluttered"
  • Stronger WYSIWYG editing
  • Concentration on the content: Structure information can be better hidden
  • Short-cuts can be used
  • Extended table functions, such as the shifting of rows and columns

Do you always insist on the best?

Just contact us if you want to find out more about our new XML Editor.

We will be happy to present our new Editor to you at the tekom Conference or in a personal online presentation.