The new integrated diagram editor

A diagram says more than a thousand words

Technical authors find clear words for expressing complex concepts. Complex relationships, however, are even better represented by means of diagrams. We know this and for this reason we have created this opportunities for you directly within SMC.

With our new diagram editor you can create diagrams directly in SMC as independent object types. This means that the powerful revision and localization mechanisms that you use for your text block and media sets can also be used for diagrams.

Incidentally: In SMC Version 3.10 the Beta Version of the diagram editor is available to you for testing, free of charge. As from the next SMC Version, it will be provided as an add-on option.

  • Integrated diagram editor
  • Create and use diagrams as objects directly in the SMC
  • Preassembled diagram elements:
    • Host of geometric nodes and edge types
    • UML symbols for classes and object diagrams
    • Flow diagram symbols
    • Entity-relationship symbols
    • BPMN symbols for business process diagrams
    • Clipart
  • German language menu guidance
  • Selection of format according to international standards or user defined