Useful sentence suggestions: The SMC Matchfinder module

One important component of author support is the Matchfinder which, during the writing process, suggests sentences already stored in the editing system to the author. This is more than just a matter of greater convenience for the author: it also concerns consistency and quality of the text. And greater consistency, of course, has positive effects on translation costs.

The search for similar sentences starts automatically after every space character, so the author does not have to trigger the search each time. The search is, of course, operated on a "fuzzy" basis which means that it does not only find identical matches, but also similar sentence constructions and contents.

One click is all it takes to replace the sentence already started in the editor with the suggested sentence. You can also insert the relevant blocks where you want them to be simply with a few clicks ("include" function) – this is how "real" re-utilisation ought to function!

Matchfinder – the SMC add-on for sentence suggestions

The "Matchfinder" add-on module for author support is seamlessly integrated into the SMC. You define which content is to be used as suggestions. The contents of these blocks are automatically written to the sentence database each time the document is saved. The integral sentence database has its own search index to ensure fast search times.

Blocks can also be defined as negative hits. Here you can collect sentences and formulations that are not to be used. In the hit list, these entries appear with a clear "STOP" symbol and thus prevent the author from using these formulations.

The integral Matchfinder can also be used to speed up the search for special elements. If you insert such an element (e.g. a maintenance element), the Matchfinder will search exclusively for content of this element type. This is an enormous help, especially for elements that have been imported into the SMC from other sources SMC (such as product or price information from an ERP system or machine parameters from development). Author support is the truest sense of the term.