Reliable process security

Teamwork would not function without process security. For this reason we have implemented various processes for your security as standard in the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - . In addition, you can also define your own processes.

Key components of process security

Among the most important components of consistent and reliable process security are:

  • A seamless link management that guarantees the integrity of all links: Linkmanagement
  • Permissions management that is easy to administer and gives all users what they require without restricting them or leading them by the nose: Rechteverwaltung
  • Clear versioning functions that also represent complex relationships in a simple manner: Versionierung / Versionsverwaltung
  • A workflow management that steers processes in such a way that they are speed up and made easier: Workflow Management
  • Flexible interfaces for the connection of different systems: Integration in IT-Landschaft