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Our success is based on reliable and living cooperations with our various partners. Instead of "resellers" or "sources of revenue", we see our partners as friends and treat them as such. A true win-win situation.

Sales and cooperation partners



2W GmbH & Co. KG

2W GmbH & Co. KG is a modern and owner-managed business that has specialised as a supplier of technical documentation, language services and technical consulting since 1998.




A2 Doku GmbH

Our mission: We take care of your technical documentation

Superheroes sometimes have a cape, always have superpowers and are mostly inconspicuous. The mission of the A2 Dokuhelden: to manage your technical documentation!

You are developing a new product - have you already thought about the documentation? Your new product is about to be delivered and the documentation is not ready yet? There is no risk assessment yet? You lack a sustainable concept for the introduction of a content management system? This is where A2's documentation experts come in. We use our special skills to make your product shine.

We create your technical content, precise and understandable. We design individual documentation concepts, advise and coach on the introduction of content management systems and create and translate technical documentation.

Our claim: to find the optimal solution for your company. Because we don't just write instructions - together we write a chapter of your success story.



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Structured - Comprehensible - Efficient - Compliant with standards. Technical documentation that benefits the user! We see documents as functional tools for internal company information processes and better customer communication. We develop information concepts with which you can realize this idea. In doing so, we rely on the appropriate technology as well as on modularity and standardization in as many areas of document creation as possible - and have been doing so for more than 20 years.




Computer System GmbH Ilmenau

CSI has been a service provider for technical documentation, in-service training and IT systems for 25 years. In the technical documentation sector the company produces liability-proof and standard-compliant instruction manuals from concept and design through to translation of the finished instructions. CSI is a competent contact for all questions concerning product documentation and CE conformity.




dictaJet Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

DictaJet Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH is a service provider for technical documentation, information management and organisational development in accordance with standards and target groups. In constructive cooperation, dictaJet accompanies and realises projects for companies in the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and chemical industries as well as for plant operators. dictaJet also participates in development and research projects and keeps an eye on current and future developments. The declared goal is the optimization of information and documentation processes

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Dokuschmiede GmbH

Vivid and accurate information can make a difference. A difference between understanding and not understanding, between acceptance and rejection - between success and failure.

We are aware of this potential and want to exploit it as much as possible. That's why we see the cooperation with our customers as an opportunity to make a difference - in your interest and for the benefit of your customers.




HelpDesign - technische & elektronische dokumentation • Jörg Ertelt

HelpDesign • Jörg Ertelt has been offering services and software solutions in the areas of technical communications and CE labeling since 1999. Practical support for the client has been the highest priority since day one. The clients HelpDesign • Jörg Ertelt serves are companies from various sectors, such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, pharmaceuticals, the food industry and agriculture. Services and products provided by HelpDesign • Jörg Ertelt prepare the way for successful, cost-conscious and pragmatic concepts for all phases of technical writing as well as for CE labeling.



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ICMS GmbH accompanies you from analysis to success!

The experienced team of consultants provides support in the analysis, specification and selection of technology or assistance during the introduction and operation of new system solutions in the field of information and content management. Whether standard editorial system, project-specific adaptations or company-wide information portals - together with ICMS you make the decision for an efficient system solution that finds the best acceptance by all concerned.

With ICMS GmbH Expert Communication Systems GmbH has always a competent partner at its side.




itl Institut für technische Literatur

Since 1982, itl has been helping manufacturers worldwide to excel with their technical documentation vis-à-vis their customers. As a full-service provider, itl not only focuses on the finished product in text and images (printed and digital), but also on the underlying infrastructure, software and processes. itl supports its customers in optimizing all aspects - always with the aim of providing the highest quality.




kothes GmbH

With more than 20 years of experience, kothes GmbH is the full-service provider for technical documentation. We create tailor-made content for our clients that adds value to their product. Our team offers support on all aspects of technical documentation, improving processes and content and setting our clients up to thrive. For all our processes we rely on methods and systems that enable sustainable, digital use of the information around the globe.




MAXKON Engineering GmbH

The technical editorial department of the Leipzig-based service provider MAXKON Engineering GmbH supports its customers throughout the entire process of technical communication: from operating manuals and spare parts catalogs to marketing brochures - concepts, layouts, graphics and texts from a single source. Manufacturers of technical products rely on MAXKON as a full-service professional for product communication!





PANTOPIX is an independent consulting company for intelligent solutions in technical communication. With our many years of expertise, we support companies in optimizing their information processes and ensure the maximum added value of their digital data. IN close dialogue, we accompany our customers in the analysis of existing processes, in the development of new concepts and in the introduction and integration of new systems, methods and tools.




people text - Your service company for technical documentation

As a service company people text provides technical documentation from A to Z: people text creates manuals, online help and other product information. This includes consulting regarding the choice and the introduction of content management systems. Content optimization with regard to comprehensible and translation friendly content completes the offer, so that people text creates efficient and cost-saving documentation.

Let's get your documentary moving!




SL innovativ GmbH

Our expertise helps secure your success on international markets. Our specialist teams of engineers, technicians, technical authors and software professionals create excellent internal and external technical documentation for devices, machines, plants and complex systems in a wide range of industries – from fire engines to packaging machines. We accompany you with qualified consultation from the start and support you in ensuring that your technical documentation is of the highest quality and well thought out and that you comply with all the necessary requirements – anywhere in the world. We will be glad to assist you in offering consultation for the planning of your work processes and software strategy, to highlight the opportunities for you and to give certainty to your decisions. As a long-term user of a wide variety of solutions in everyday practice, we have a clear overview of the market for software concerning every aspect of technical documentation. We will work with you to develop the appropriate software and system strategy for you.




WRITEC (Italy)

We work side by side with companies that want to redesign the processes for managing the life cycle of their technical information and documentation. We give new value to technical information, which can then be actively shared within the company and with customers. We select the most suitable CMS/CCMS and support companies in organizing metadata, structuring content, importing information and optimizing processes.

We work with different CMS/CCMS. They are based on XML, DITA and S1000D and allow us to create content for different industry sectors: Mechanics, electronics, automotive engineering, medicine and software industry. We share our knowledge to renew and revise all processes involved in the creation, translation and management of complex technical information. We drastically reduce the costs in terms of time and money in all productive phases of technical information. This is possible through the use of various methods based on cognitive studies that improve the understanding of technical information. We pay attention to technical terminology and writing standards as well as EU guidelines for compliant documentation. Our Writec Academy offers a constantly updated training catalogue to help our customers meet the challenges of new work scenarios and technologies.


Technology and implementation partners



Acrolinx GmbH

The Acrolinx platform assists the best-known brands in the world to create excellent content: market-compliant, effective and scalable. Equipped with advanced language technology, Acrolinx is the only software platform that "reads" content and helps authors to improve it. Companies such as Adobe, Boeing, Google and Philips all use Acrolinx to create content that is both consistent and productive. To find out more, visit:




Congree Language Technologies GmbH

As a software manufacturer in the field of authoring assistance, Congree Language Technologies GmbH provides the leading technologies for the formulation of consistent texts, taking into account defined style rules and uniform terminology. The focus of development is always on the user and thus the very concrete working methods of technical editors. Congree products support cross-industry technical communication in companies and specialist departments of all sizes. By using Congree, professional authors can create high-quality, rule-compliant and easily translatable texts faster and more cost-effectively. For private use and small professional things, Congree provides WhatImean, a freely accessible platform.




Seitwerk GmbH

The 40 or so Internet professional who work at Seitwerk GmbH have over 15 years experience in all fields of the new media, from design and graphics to development. What sets us apart is that, with the specialists in your field, we can supply everything from a single source: consultation, concept, design, programming, sound and video studio – it could hardly get any simpler or more cost effective.



WIRIS logo transparent background


We develop a suite of mathematical and science tools to help teachers, students, researchers and companies boost their capabilities and digital learning experience. MathType is the equation editor that allows users to type, handwrite and fine-tune mathematical equations and formulas in the main office tools, LMSs, CMSs, and web apps. Wiris Quizzes integrates into your online learning platform or CMS and offers a powerful math and science assessment tool for instructors and students.

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