New stylesheet editor

Now create stylesheets even faster and more efficiently with the new HTML-based editor

With version 4.1 of the SMC, a modern and clear stylesheet editor (style sheet editor) is supplied as standard. The user interface is even more intuitive - format templates can be created even more efficiently and effectively.

The structure editor, which you may already know from the module editor, is now also available for the stylesheet editor. This allows you to navigate quickly and easily to the desired element - without scrolling through the entire elements.

Editing a single element is intuitive thanks to the clearly arranged tabs for fonts, indents, spacing or pagination - the entire appearance of the style editor is tidy and clear. The possible settings that are hidden in the tabs guide through the formatting and are functionally named.

Numerous detailed improvements bring the usability to a new level: For example, the handle points, which make it easier to move or clone formatted elements.

The new editor is also "state of the art" in its technical implementation: No additional plugin is required - the functions are fully integrated into the browser and are browser neutral.

In one respect everything remains the same: Despite the extensive formatting options, no programming is required to create style sheets.

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