Flexible product data management with the SMC PDM module

The Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - is flexible in the way it connects your data. Manage and maintain product-specific information efficiently using our product data management. This functions both manually and automatically. Versioning, product variants and translation are all part of this.

Managing product data in the SMC

The product data stored in your corporate database is automatically transferred into the SMC and set up as product objects. You can manage and process these by means of the SMC user interface, in the way you are accustomed to do from other objects:

  • Assignment of specific properties to product data
  • Filtering of product hierarchies
  • Working in different revision states
  • Versioning of product data, product hierarchies and product definitions
  • Recognition of differences between different version statuses by means of the version comparison
  • Generation of XML files for the translation
  • Set up of product variants with inherited basic data

Alternatively, you can also generate your product objects manually in the product data management of the SMC.

  • Easy data entry through group and compound field templates
  • Use of access rights to the product data

Product data management with flexible interfaces

The open and flexible interfaces of SMC offer you the following advantages:

  • Flexible connection to data sources such as PDM or PIM systems
  • Simple adoption of technical data or price information from ERP systems (e.g. SAP) or PDM systems, as well as from proprietary databases
  • Automatic updating of data sheets or catalogues