SMC v4.3 News

The 4.3 is here! And these are our highlights:

For faster work and fewer clicks: New shortcuts to create & delete new elements and objects.

In the editor it is now much faster and easier to insert different elements by a certain character string.

Faster and better: The performance of the SMC when opening the application in the Web browser has been improved.

To make the work more personal: With the 4.3 it is now possible to upload profile pictures of individual users.

Graphics in the table of contents? Here we go! Graphics which are set in the title of a module are now also displayed in the table of contents.

Smaller links: Not only single modules can now be linked, but also subsections of the modules.

Besides: Also link texts can now be configured by the user.

Wow! A new editor! With the Ace Text Editor you can now edit the file objects for CSS, Javascript, TXT and XML files.

Legend to a diagram? The legend editor for diagrams is now also available.

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