SMC – the modern editing system for technical communication and marketing

Are you still searching or are you already writing? Efficiency is no coincidence. With the highly modern Smart Media Creator (SMC) editorial system, you can easily and intuitively create your technical documentation and marketing media - even in your home office or on the road. Thanks to intelligent authoring support, your content is consistent and as if from a single source. Modern editorial systems for technical documentation rely on XML – so does SMC, which makes editing XML particularly easy.

The quick, easy and efficient way to get the right result

Web-based: Working flexibly and from any location

Do both in-house and external authors work on your company's publications? Would you also like to work from your home office without having to lug your notebook computer to and fro? We understand this, which is why our editing system is entirely browser-based (incidentally, we believe that it is the only such system available at present). Modern editorial systems rely on XML – so does SMC, that makes editing XML particularly easy.

Consistent use of web technologies in SMC offers the following advantages:

  • Access is possible even outside the corporate network – provided that you are permitted access to your server.
  • Only a standard browser has to be installed on the computer.
  • Simple cooperation with translators, service providers or colleagues at other sites.
  • No individual workstation installation is required – which also makes updates easier.
  • Can also be operated on tablet devices.
  • High-performance even if the Internet connection offers little bandwidth, thanks to modern AJAX programming.
  • All languages and character sets can be used, thanks to Unicode.

The modern design is based on contemporary operating systems. This means you will recognise the symbols used and the management mechanisms. In addition, drag and drop functions will help you to manage and assemble your publication.

You work in a "layout neutral" manner. This allows you to concentrate 100% on your content. But would you also like to see how your technical documents will look after publication? Any target media can be displayed in a separate window in parallel to the recording of information – including a functional simulation in the case of interactive target media.

No licences are required for read-only access to SMC. This means you can grant access to certain areas in SMC to as many reviewers as you like, without thereby incurring licence costs. It goes without saying that they can participate in workflow processes nevertheless, leaving notes and even uploading files to them.

Extensive search options

Using SMC you will find your contents quickly and easily.

The extended search function searches through your content according to various criteria that can be interconnected. For example, you can search for content with special metadata in connection with a particular workflow status. Complex search queries can be stored in search profiles and retrieved in future with a single click.

Author support across the board

Extensive aids for consistent content

Better put your trust in SMC. Or can you memorize all defined terms and all sentence constructions used? We offer you extensive Author support.