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Clear variant management

Do you want to use a component in different publications, even if variations in the contents are necessary? With the identification of individual variants within your modules to the variant management of the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - you are best prepared for this.

Variant management via assigned metadata

By defining metadata, you create the required properties and their values. You can apply these at the points in your publication where you require different variants in addition to the basic content. You can assign the metadata to different levels, e.g.:

  • Document level
  • Module level
  • Paragraph level
  • Word level

The metadata can also be applied to graphics, media and other objects. In addition, you have the opportunity of Inserting variables that are not filled with values until the media production stage.

You have an overview on the screen of all variants that exist for a specific piece of information. So you do not have to open or display any other modules in order to view other variants. Information that does not differ between the variants (e.g. your product variants) exists in only one instance and not redundantly.

Variant management for the filtering during media production

To publish your document, select the required properties and values.
The SMC then automatically filters all contents and you get the variant of your publication you want:SMC – Leistungsstarke Filterung für eine universelle Wiederverwendbarkeit von Modulen.

Find the right variants again by means of comprehensive search functions

Using the extensive search options of the Smart media creator, you can find your required variants again. For example, you can search for specific properties and values and also link these search criteria to one another.

Additional information:

The method of working with metadata needs to be well planned. In collaboration with our customers, for example, we conduct modularisation workshops and help with the introduction and application of metadata. For further information visit: SMC – Modularisierungskonzept: Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Informationsmodellierung

Additional information about the SMC editorial system itself can be found at SMC – The Modern Editing System for Technical Documentation and Marketing..