The Smart Media Creator - SMC

With the SMC web-based XML editing system, you can create and manage your publications just as things ought to be – easily but also intelligently and with the greatest efficiency. The highly modern solution for technical documentation and marketing.

The fastest way to the best result

Single-source publishing

Flexible content reuse: Intelligent methods for modularizing your content realize the efficiency potential of true single source publishing. SMC – Single Source Publishing

Multi Channel Publishing

XML made easy: The layout-neutral administration of the content in XML permits the output of a vast range of formats – regardless of whether they are conventional or digital. [more on multi-channel publishing]

Variant management

Intelligent variant management: Filter the appropriate content for your publication simply from clearly arranged variant collections. Variant management


Author support

Best tools for highest language quality: Spell and grammar check, terminology management, sentence suggestions (matches) and style check. The editorial system for systematic editing. [more about authoring support]

Media asset management

You can manage and process images, graphics, animations or videos in almost any format. Automatic media conversions ensure optimum output results. [more on Media asset management]

Language management

Minimize translation costs and reduce administrative effort with integrated analysis capabilities for existing translations. With the SMC! cost saving is easy! [more about language management]

PDM product data management

Using the integral PDM module you can manage extensive product data for automated publication in data sheets, catalogues or in the web – even from external sources such as ERP systems. [more on product data management]

Reliable processes

Flexibly definable workflows and team-working functions, secure link management, group-based administration of permissions and clear support with versioning ensure secure creative and productive processes. [more on secure processes]

Content Delivery Portal

The Content Delivery Portal delivers content and media from the SMC and other sources to any target group - with usage-oriented search and personal organization functions. [more about Content Delivery Portal]

JAMES – The smart content delivery system for intelligent information

To enable you to inform your customers and colleagues faster, better and in a targeted manner, we offer JAMES, a content delivery solution, as a central platform for the efficient and secure distribution of information and knowledge.

Intelligent Search

The most important requirements for searches are: fast and accurate. With JAMES you get both - simply intelligent. Powerful search: fast and intelligent

Numerous content types

JAMES can handle a large number of different file types and content types: Topics, images, videos, PDF, Word and other... [more about deliverable file types]

Support of iiRDS

The CDS uses the metadata model of the iiRDS standard as a basis for object and search classification. Variant management

Arbitrary languages

The user interface is available in several languages and can be chosen by the user. Content can be delivered in almost any language . SMC – Effizientes Übersetzungsmanagement

Usage analysis

With the optional Matomo integration you can draw valuable conclusions about the interests and requirements of your customers from the usage metrics and use them strategically. [more about MATOMO integration]

System integration

JAMES is ready for integration into your existing infrastructure: Transfer content and metadata or connect authentications. [more about system integration]

The SMC in use


Editorial systems should not reach their economic viability only after many years. The content management system SMC is quickly ready for use and highly universal. It covers a wide range of use cases in technical communication and marketing. That is a good thing. Because in addition to the pure process acceleration by the SMC, the use of content across departments and tasks also ensures a further increase in efficiency.

Use cases:

  • Manuals / instructions
  • Catalogs / datasheets (PDM)
  • Software documentation
  • Web content and mobile devices
  • E-learning
  • Service information systems
  • Marketing media

More about our services

"The journey is the destination" - that may apply to globetrotters. Our goal is a fast and efficient productive use. And on the way there we accompany you with high-quality and carefully targeted services, like consultation, development of information structures (modularization), entry of inventory data and training and support as well. Our experience from numerous projects enables us to clear stumbling blocks and barriers and also to make your project "editorial system" a lasting success.

All you need is web

Do both in-house and external editors work on the publications of your company?
Would you like to work from your home office from time to time, and without having to lug your notebook computer to and fro?

We understand the problem. And that is why our content management system is completely browser-based. But there are many other reasons to rely on a web-based system. Read more in the blog post Content management in the web browser

SMC – The Team

Look forward to some insights into the team behind the SMC. Committed, competent, likeable – a team spirit that you as a customer or partner will also feel.

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