The Smart Media Creator − SMC!

With the SMC web-based XML editing system, you can create and manage your publications just how they should be done – easily, but with intelligence. The highly efficient solution for technical communication and marketing.

The faster way to the best result

Single-source publishing

Flexible reuse of content: Intelligent methods for the modularisation of your content realise the efficiency potential of genuine single-source publishing. [more on Single-source publishing]

Multi-channel publishing

XML made easy: The layout-neutral administration of the content in XML permits the output of a vast range of formats – regardless of whether they are conventional or digital. [more on Multi-channel publishing]

Variant management

Intelligent variant management: Simply filter the appropriate content for your publication from clearly laid out collections of variants. [more on Variant management]



Author support

Best tools for the highest quality of language: Spelling and grammar checking, terminology management, suggested sentences (matches) and style checking. The editing system for systematic editing. [more on Author support]

Media asset management

You can manage and process images, graphics, animations or videos in almost any format. Automatic media conversions ensure optimum output results. [more on Media asset management]

Language management

Minimise translation and administration costs with integrated analysis functions for existing translations. Saving money is made easy with SMC! [more on language management]


Product data management

Using the integral PDM module you can manage extensive product data for automated publication in data sheets, catalogues or the web – even from external sources such as ERP systems. [more on product data management]

Secure processes

Flexibly definable workflows and team-working functions, secure link management, group-based administration of permissions and clear support with versioning ensure secure creative and productive processes. [more on secure processes]

Content delivery portal

The content delivery portal makes content and media from the SMC and other sources available for any target groups – with application-oriented search and personal organisation functions. [more on content delivery portal]

The SMC in use


Use of the SMC content management system is not only fast, but is also universal because it covers a broad range of possible uses in technical communication. A good thing too because, in addition to the purely technical simplification and acceleration of processes by the SMC, the use of content across all departments and task areas also ensures a further boost in efficiency.

Sample applications:

  • Manuals / instructions
  • Catalogues / data sheets (PDM)
  • Software documentation
  • Web-content and mobile devices
  • E-Learning
  • Service information systems
  • Marketing media

Our services for you

"It is better to travel than to arrive" – that may well apply to globetrotters. For us, however, the goal must be faster and more efficient production. And on the way there we will accompany you with high-quality and expedient services, such as consultation, construction of information structures (modularisation), transfer of existing data and, of course, training and support. Our experience from numerous projects helps us to clear any stumbling blocks or obstacles from your path and make a success of your project as well.


More on our services

All you need is web

Do both in-house and external authors work on your company's publications?
Would you like to work from your home office from time to time, and without having to lug your notebook computer to and fro?

We understand the problem. Which is why our content management system is entirely browser-based.

SMC - The film

The short SMC film introduces you to the key features and highlights of the editing system in a matter of minutes.

Berlin calling!

tekom Conference Spring 2016

Berlin calling! And we are there. And again - we have much to show. During the last conference still as preview - now to "touch" and "feel":

  • the new integrated HTML based XML Editor
  • the new Content Delivery Portal
  • the new integrated Diagram Editor
  • and much more ...

But we are bringing another new preview with us: the new SMC 4.0 with a complete new user interface. let yourself be surprised!

You'll find us on booth F08. If you like, we can reserve a personal meeting with you. Just let us know your prefered day and time: Contact

We are looking forward to your visit!

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