Creating the specifications: making optimum use of the fundamental information

All roads lead to Rome, but they come from different starting points. Where are you currently positioned? What can you bring with you from there? What should you leave behind first?

No matter how individual the initial situations may be, we will have encountered many of them already over the past few years and we have trodden these paths before you. We look forward to taking these paths and using our experience together with you.

  • "We've already got a database containing product information." − Great, then we can link it to SMC.
  • "Our IT department already has an ingenious user and permissions management system." − We'll use it too, and build our editing system on that.
  • "We have written everything in Word / FrameMaker up to now." − Well then, let's import that content as a base.
  • "We'd like to link the interface strings of our software to the documentation." − Yes, we've already come across this requirement. And we've got the solution.

Your specifications and the joint analysis of your initial situation form the basis for our statement of works: Your personal SMC exposé.