Meta-metadata for technical documentation in Industry 4.0

VDE SPEC 90009 V1.0 created with participation of EC Systems


Recently, the VDE SPEC 90009 V1.0 "Meta-metadata for technical documentation in Industry 4.0" was released and published. The VDE SPEC was developed in a project group in which Claudius Jacoby (GF of EC Systems) was involved as co-author.

What is metadata?

Metadata describe information products. In technical communication, metadata frequently includes validity, target groups, variants or content types. They can originate from various machine and/or manual sources and are managed and evaluated in various information systems (editorial systems, PIM systems, content delivery systems, etc.).

What is meta-metadata?

Meta metadata describe metadata, they make a statement, for example, about the origin of metadata or about their reliability.

An example: Metadata can be generated with AI methods. Given information products are analyzed automatically and the presumed metadata is derived from a number of different parameters. Reliability, i.e., the probability that the metadata has been correctly assigned, is one such meta-metadata and is important for the further use of the generated metadata.

Meta-metadata also includes statements about the actors involved in the creation of metadata (persons, organizations, SW systems), which may play a role in the use of the metadata.

The genesis of VDE SPEC 90009 V1.0

During the creation of the VDE SPEC, the project group ...

  • ... collected the wishes and ideas by means of interviews with stakeholders from industry and SW development,
  • defined the requirements for a meta-metadata model,
  • developed the model ,
  • implemented the model into a structure definition,
  • mapped the exemplary implementation of the structure in JSON and XML and
  • created the VDE SPEC and tuned it in an iterative process.

Application and benefits of the VDE SPEC

The use of standardized meta-metadata is helpful ...

  • ... when generating metadata using AI methods and tools,
  • when using information products in editorial systems, especially if their metadata comes from external sources, e.g. to better evaluate the quality of metadata,
  • when exchanging information products and their metadata between different systems, e.g. transferring content created in the editorial system to a content delivery portal, or
  • when evaluating metadata in information portals or other content delivery systems in order to improve search quality.

Information on and access to the VDE SPEC "Meta-metadata for technical documentation in Industry 4.0".

You can download the complete VDE SPEC free of charge at VDE SPEC Veröffentlichungen The use of the SPEC meta-metadata model is license-free.

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