Unlimited cross-media publishing

The Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - makes whatever you want out of your media-neutral data. For us, optimum cross-media publishing means production on a basis of a uniform database for different target media. And doing this with a standardized corporate design or even − if required − with several different customer-specific layouts.

Adapting the layout of the output media

In spite of rule-based information, you as author can influence how the contents are presented in the target media. For example, you select from various (customer-specific) tabular formats or specify how an image is to be positioned within the text.

The format templates for the output media can be configured to a large extent, and do not require complicated programming. For this reason, advanced SMC-users, e.g. your in-house administrators, perform these changes themselves.

Wide range of output formats

Unlimited cross-media publishing: To date, our customers have used SMC with the following output formats:

  • PDF (also /X-3, CMYK)
  • Static or dynamic HTML (also as complete HTML platform with navigation, search, index, etc.)
  • Online help Microsoft HTMLHelp® / WinHelp (also as context-sensitive help)
  • Microsoft Word®
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Adobe FrameMaker® (structured)
  • Adobe InDesign®
  • SCORM for e-learning modules
  • XML in any structure
  • TYPO3 for multilingual website updating
  • Apps for iPads and other mobile devices

Reliable output without the expense of reprocessing

As easy out as it went in. Our experience with our own systems has shown us: this is not as straightforward as it sounds ... but it should be!

  • Reliable (print) output without reprocessing work, thanks to intelligent, rule-based format templates
  • Automated support for links and references when generating the publication
  • Flagging-up unresolved ("dead") links