Efficient translation management All languages from one source

"Language is the source of all misunderstandings." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-44)

To ensure that there are no misunderstandings in your technical documentation, you simply have to manage your translations efficiently using the Smart Media Creator (SMC) editing system. With the translation management of the SMC you manage all components in multiple languages − including images, films and technical illustrations.

And the best thing for you is: The powerful translation management is part of the standard system with SMC.

Reduce your translation costs with the translation management

Retain an overview − even with many different languages. The SMC offers you an intelligent localisation function that enables you to reduced your translation costs considerably:

  • Export only the content that does not have a current translation.
  • Within modules you only require translation of the contents that have changed since the last translation.
  • Supply the translators with a PDF (translation aid), from which they can see the context in its correct layout, as well as the already translated text.

Further advantages of the Smart media creator translation management

  • Exchange with all current translation memory tools (e.g. SDL Trados or Across) for efficient translations
  • Direct translation in SMC is possible (even without export)
  • Automatic replacement of language-specific pictures and films, as well as texts and symbols that are typical of a particular country
  • Texts from vector-based graphics (SVG files) can be extracted and translated.
  • Consistency check in the background during the translation export