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The Earth is turning. Everything is in motion. One release is followed by the next ... Big things are happening at EC Systems and with the Smart Media Creator.

Efficient creation of freely layouted print documents now also with Adobe InDesign© CC

The new InDesign © plug-in for the SMC Smart Media Creator combines the structured working method of the editorial system with high degrees of freedom of graphic design in InDesign©.

The content can be placed as preformatted in InDesign© to be finalized there. In InDesign© the content remains to be linked with the SMC and can be brought up to date at a click – specifically for selected content or globally for the entire file.

The parallel work on content and layout simplifies and accelerates the publication processes on the one hand, and on the other hand, the translations from the SMC can be imported directly into the designed InDesign© file – there is no time-consuming translation processing in InDesign© or in the translation tool.

Typical applications are marketing media such as brochures, catalogs or customer newspapers, but also folding instructions that have specific requirements to content positioning .

Another function of the plug-in is the transfer of existing InDesign© content into the SMC, as it occurs in the course of a system implementation (inventory data migration).

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