Training: Training courses for authors and administrators


Working with an editing system – systematic editorial work: We offer customer-specific training courses and workshops for authors, administrators and everyone else who will be working with the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - .

In training courses specifically tailored to your needs, not only do we show you how to work with SMC, we also input our practical experience as technical authors. We know what functions are practical for which working methods – after all, SMC grew out of practical use. You learn how to work reliably and efficiently with SMC.

If new employees join later, they can also be our open user training for editors visit.

Our administrator training courses equip you to take on administrative system functions such as user and permissions management, or variable management.

And if you want to cover specific functions in greater depth at a later stage, we will be happy to arrange specific training courses – whether on your premises or as online training; we are flexible in this regard.