Whether Internet or intranet – the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - is the optimum tool for creating and managing your (multilingual) website or microsite.

You can either output your website directly from SMC or use the linking option to Web-CMS TYPO3 in order to achieve even greater flexibility in your Internet page design.

Simple updating, current contents

  • The intuitive user interface of SMC means that even "beginners" can input and update contents.

For smooth cooperation

  • Finely structured permissions management for different user groups
  • Definition of task areas
  • Flexible authorisation and workflow mechanisms

Creation of information on a media-neutral basis

  • Retention of your company's CI
  • Immediate layout check

TYPO3 link

  • Use all the advantages of SMC: controlled versioning, translation management, terminology management, workflows, external access, etc.
  • Greater design freedom when setting up the website