Congree - better texts by linguistic intelligence

The Congree Authoring Server offers innovative technology based on years of research Thus it checks and ensures the quality of texts. In addition to the Congree language exam for German and English, the Congree Authoring Server has options for sentence reuse and terminology work, including terminology inquiry and term extraction. A connection to common terminology systems is possible, for Across crossTerm and SDL MultiTerm there exists full integration.


The linguistically based Congree language exam offers many advantages. Some examples:

  • High coverage:
    Due to its morpheme dictionary, the Congree language examination covers at least 98% of the words in a German text including technical language. Every ad hoc correctly formed word is recognized.
  • Complex grammar checker:
    The Congree grammar checker stands out for its complexity. It even includes phenomena such as gender, number, case, sentence punctuation and verb-subject congruence.
  • Linguistic terminology check with term variant recognition:
    A linguistic terminology check that also recognizes term variants is one of the hallmarks of the Congree terminology exam. Inflection, prefix and suffix, separate and compound spelling, hyphens, conversion of words and spelling mistakes are taken into account by term variant detection.
  • Examination according to your editorial guide, tekom guideline or Simplified Technical English:
    With Congree, individual rule sets can be put together to electronically map an editorial guide. It is also possible to fall back on machine-checkable rules from the repertoire of the tekom guideline "rules-based writing". The Congree Authoring Server also supports all of the authoring rules of issue 7 of Simplified Technical English (STE), which allows you to create a rule set using STE rules for technical documentation. Optionally, Congree will report words that are not allowed under the STE, or report potential violations of the STE rules for writing.

More information about Congree:

Integration of Congree in the SMC

The Congree language exam is available for the SMC. In addition to spelling, terminology and grammar, it also checks the style, e.g. compliance with maximum sentence lengths. Congree can electronically map an editorial guide or check the style against predefined rule sets based on e.g. the tekom guideline or the Simplified Technical English. Additional company-specific rules can be added individually. The language test ensures and improves the text quality, texts are easier to understand and the editors are supported in the implementation of the corporate language.

The Congree test functions are seamlessly integrated into the SMC. Here are some examples (Click to enlarge the screenshots):

With Congree, a document can be checked while it is being edited in the SMC. The test results are displayed in a general overview.

Clicking on the color highlighted potential defects displays a corresponding message in the language verification window: The message contains tips for correction or a correction suggestion, which can be inserted into the text with just one click.

The Congree Authoring Server can also check the document after editing in the course of publication:

The resulting messages are displayed directly in the output document: