Analyze usage metrics

Is the content delivery portal being used optimally? What are the users' main areas of interest? Are they particularly interested in certain products?

You can draw valuable conclusions about your customers' interests and requirements from the usage metrics and use them strategically.

With Matomo, a third-party solution, JAMES offers a plugin for monitoring and evaluating user behavior in the portal and app.

Matomo in detail

JAMES enables the analysis of online searches performed by your users through the integration of Matomo. In this way, various analyses can be created: Visitor numbers, visitor profiles, search queries and much more information can be recorded and viewed on clear dashboards.

Some examples:

  • Where do users come from?
  • What did the users search for and in what order?
  • Search queries that did not lead to the goal
  • Query performance (time and amount of objects found)

Your benefit

The analyses not only allow you to optimize your content delivery portal and thus offer your customers ever greater benefits. You also gain important insights into the interests and requirements of your customers and can incorporate the findings into your communication and product strategy.