Manuals and instructions


Whether it is a user manual, service instructions, operating guide or training material: technical documentation has got to be up-to-date, correct, appropriate for its target group and comprehensible.

The Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - helps you to meet your demanding quality requirements.

Simple reuse of modules

  • Documentation of equipment families and customer-specific systems is made much simpler.

Wide range of output media

  • Publishing the same contents with different functions and different layouts, straightforwardly and in high-quality

Intelligent variant management

  • Powerful mechanisms for organising references, variables or output filters

Simple handling of translations

  • If required, only the modified text components are output for translation, thus saving costs.

User access management

  • Access permissions with role model: clear permissions management
  • Users only need concentrate on the areas that are relevant for them.
  • Optimum cooperation without "treading on one another's toes"

Flexible document workflow

  • Simple web-based revision handling
  • Open to external authors and reviewers as well, thanks to web technology
  • Use of notes on objects promotes good coordination