Open to all sides: Do not create new islands of information

Seamless integration for maximum benefit

Open on all sides: JAMES is ready for integration into your existing infrastructure.

Integration into the SMC infrastructure

As a product from the same house, the SMC editorial system is perfectly aligned with the Content Delivery Server, making it an ideal content supplier.

The data available in SMC can be transferred to CDS in various - but always convenient - ways:

  • Integrated production in the CDS and synchronization with the CDS.
  • Automation of integration production through production orders

The metadata created in the editorial environment is of course also transferred and can be used directly there.

Integration with existing authentication and authorization services

JAMES enables the use of LDAP or oAuth2 for user authentication. This means that existing user directories (e.g. Windows Directory Server) can be integrated. In addition, CDS, Portal, and the SMC Mobile App are implemented with the OAuth 2.0 standard, which uses the current standard for web authentication.

Import Taxonomies

Taxonomies described by RDFS (1.1) can be imported and used as search structures. This usually only requires a suitable configuration. An import of the iiRDS metadata file is already possible in the standard.

Using the REST API

The modern REST API can be used to automate various input/output tasks with specific implementations.

The REST API can be used to import any documentation from an existing software (e.g. knowledge, project or product management). Thus, JAMES can be used as a central access point to your corporate knowledge.

In addition, search queries can be sent to JAMES via the REST API. In this way, the content of the CDS can be integrated into any enterprise services. The content can be delivered natively in HTML5 or XML.

If desired, any other output format provided by SMC can be delivered via the REST API (e.g. Word, PDF, online help).

And much more....

In addition to the standard integrations mentioned above, specific connections to other systems are always possible.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirement.d