Powerful filtering for a universal reusability of modules

Filters enable contents of modules or complete modules to be filtered out according to specific criteria at the time at which media are being produced. This enables the modules and publication structures to be reused more easily, without having to rely on extremely detailed modules, which obviously cause significantly higher administration expenditure. The challenge when designing the filter functions is to preserve a clear overview − even if a large number of filters are applied.

Simple to use, powerful results

In designing the filtering mechanisms for the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - we have paid special attention to their simplicity of use. The filters can be activated simply by activating checkboxes next to the content and are clearly displayed not only in the editing mode, but also in the preview.

Different colours can be selected for different filter criteria (e.g. product-specific or user-group-specific).

The intelligent metadata model, with which the filtering is closely connected, also permits filters that depend on linked properties. This is a key component of clear variant management

With the filter functions of the SMC you increase the reusability of your content and thus help to reduce the cost and work involved in creating and translating your content − in other words, genuine single-source publishing.