High quality layouts efficiently produced with Adobe InDesign Plug-in

The new Adobe® InDesign® plug-in for the SMC - Smart Media Creator combines the structured working method of the editorial system with the high degrees of freedom of graphic design in InDesign®.

Regardless of the respective departments (technical editing, marketing, etc.), companies need the process-reliable and speedy creation of documents in the variety of languages ​​and variants. Especially for use in marketing and creative departments, Expert Communications Systems has therefore developed the plug-in for Adobe® InDesign® in order to provide here as well easy access to content in the SMC. 

The plug-in provides Adobe® InDesign® with features that allow direct access to all SMC text and image content, as well as to product data, while maintaining control over layout and typography.

The designers can thus combine valid data from the SMC with individual layouts directly in InDesign®. In this way, products such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, customer newspapers, folding instructions or posters in all variants can be created just in time with more process reliability in Adobe® InDesign®.

Since content in the SMC can be captured in modules, the content modules are also easy to reuse. Reusability is the key to effective and cost-conscious creating and translation processes. Especially with a high number of language variants and products there are enormous savings potentials.

The content is further linked to the SMC. Thus you can e.g. update content in InDesign® directly from the SMC without having to reset the design. This allows work on content and layout to be carried out in parallel, without having to make any changes to the content in InDesign®.

Another advantage: Translations from the SMC may be directly imported into the designed InDesign file - complex translation processing in InDesign or TMS is eliminated.

Efficient layout with SMC / InDesign®

Video: Functions of the InDesign® plug-in

The video above shows the basic features of the InDesign® plug-in in minutes. If you want to watch the video in a higher resolution version, you can download it here: InDesign in SMC - The video

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple macOS
  • InDesign®CC from version 2015 on
  • Smart Media Creator from version 4.1 on