Acrolinx: Linguistic checks for top quality texts

As an author, you can use Acrolinx to optimise your content and to assess the results in the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - . Acrolinx is based on a technology for natural language processing (NLP) which analyses the contents on the basis of individually defined standards in the fields of terminology, spelling, grammar, style and search engine optimisation (SEO), thereby supporting authors in creating better content.

To perform a check, SMC sends the content in the background to the Acrolinx server which analyses the text and returns it to the SMC. Any possible problems are highlighted with comments. For many of the problems found, Acrolinx can offer one or more suggestions for improvement via a context menu. This also gives you a statistical overview of the current text quality of the document.

An Acrolinx check can also be activated when producing output media. The problems detected are then marked in the publication with comments in footnotes.

Flexible rules for checking

By selecting different checking rules, you can use different test criteria for different types of document. Marketing publications, for example, often use a different style of language to manuals or operating instructions. The style rules can be differentiated according to the type of element, so that different rules apply to bulleted lists, for example, than to body text. It goes without saying that spelling and grammatical errors are always detected.

Added value due to extended options for use

The Acrolinx server can also be used in parallel outside the SMC, e.g. from Microsoft Word. This adds further value to the investment in the Acrolinx server.

The Acrolinx server provides you with an excellent tool for maintaining the text and style at a consistently high quality − regardless of the user group that produces the content.

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