Flexible permissions administration

Using the permissions administration of the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - you can have the user permissions in the system organised on a flexible basis. Whether this involves the visibility or operability of objects, or whether you wish to permit only specific users to use certain functions: operation of the powerful permissions administration is very easy to learn.

Permissions administration

With the user and permissions administration in the SMC you can organise:

  • Persons who work with the SMC, i.e. the users
  • The association of users to user groups
  • Access permissions of the user groups to the objects: Whether the users and user groups can create and modify objects, have read-only access, or may not even view the objects
  • Work areas to which user groups can be assigned

Apart from assigning permissions at group level, the permissions settings of individual users may also be defined.


With SMC it is possible at all times to trace which changes and activities have taken place in the content and on administration objects.

For each object − regardless of its type − a time-limited log is available that can also be hidden in the permissions administration. For the administrators, cross-object log data is available on its own tab.

Multi-client capability

The permissions administration allows user groups to be completely separated. This means that several clients can be administered on one shared system. This is of particular interest to service providers who would like to use the SMC for different customers on the most cost-effective basis.