Integrated terminology management

Whether you create and manage your terminology directly within the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - , establish a link to a terminology database, or import your existing terminology into SMC from Excel, for example: SMC offers you extensive possibilities for terminology management and checks the use of terms.

SMC-internal terminology management

The SMC-internal terminology management permits the collection of terms in order to manage

  • foreign language equivalents,
  • Synonyms and variants,
  • Definitions,
  • explanatory pictures,
  • faux-pas words


With the help of terminology management can be

  • documents can be checked for the use of undesirable terms,
  • unwanted terms can be replaced by their approved equivalents and
  • terms in the search can also be found by means of their synonyms.

Connection of external terminology databases

The terminology management functions are available in all SMC versions. This eliminates the cost of add-on modules or for third-party software for terminology management. If you wish, you can nevertheless continue to update your terminology with the existing tools and use the entries in the SMC. All available terminology lists can be transferred into SMC without difficulty.

External terminology databases can be connected to the system if appropriate interfaces exist. If necessary,

  • import filters can be implemented which import the content from existing terminology databases in XML format into the terminology management of the SMC, or
  • external terminology databases can be connected directly to the SMC by means of a live interface. In this case, the terminology check is started in the SMC from the user's viewpoint, whereas in reality it is performed via the external database.