Universally usable: many content types deliverable

JAMES can handle a large number of different file types and content types:

Books & Modules from the SMC

The SMC is the ideal content supplier for JAMES. The basic data type for storing modules and books in the SMC is XML. This makes automatic processing more versatile.

Images and videos

Images and videos can also be managed directly in CDS and delivered via the portal and app.

And this is particularly easy and convenient: The media are automatically converted by JAMES in the background so that the ideal output format is delivered. You can process vector or raster graphics of all common formats and even transcode and recalculate videos.

Arbitrary file objects

The file object type can accommodate virtually any type of object (e.g. PDF or Word files). PDFs are displayed in the portal via the browser and displayed in the app in the respective OS viewers.

Even file types that JAMES cannot display or interpret can be delivered, such as your latest firmware downloads for your products.

SMC product objects

One content format that has gained popularity recently is product data from the SMC Product Data Management (PDM) module.

Information in product objects can be exported from SMC using templating mechanisms based on catalog objects. This makes it possible to process large volumes of product information, such as that supplied from an ERP system like SAP or similar.

Different file and content types can be delivered with JAMES in an elegant and media-appropriate way. This means that you can also provide legacy content or content from almost any source.

... and everything in all languages

Any content language that can be managed by SMC can also be used for display in CDS and switched directly on the object.

The user interface language can be changed by the user. Currently available interface languages are:

  • German
  • English

We can provide any other user interface language upon request.