Intelligent modularisation for optimum reuse

"Modularisation" is encountered wherever a higher level of efficiency is to be achieved by the reuse of what is already available. For example, modern car manufacture benefits from an increasing reuse of components across different models or marques. The same objective is behind the modularisation in modern content management – the aim being a higher level of reuse.

Modularisation is not an end in itself

In the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - several efficient modularisation tools are available at the same time:

The optimum combination of these tools is defined in a modularisation concept. As there is no standard recipe for modularisation concepts – they are independent of the product and publication structure, from the quantity structure and the level of content detail − we support our customers by means of workshops in drawing up an individual modularisation concept: SMC – Modularisierungskonzept: Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Informationsmodellierung

Measuring modularisation levels with REx

Incidentally: You do not have to estimate the degree of modularisation that you can achieve in SMC. You can measure it.

Through our close collaboration with Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences we can now offer you answers to these questions in the form of quantitative performance figures. Together with Professor Wolfgang Ziegler, Claudia Oberle is developing the Report Exchange (REx) method. Using the output and analysis of the REx format, performance figures can be obtained for the use of the SMC.

The conclusions that can be drawn on the basis of the performance figures ascertained will support you in every phase of your in-house process management and in optimising the use of the SMC.

Further information: Report Exchange Format (REx): XML exchange format and CMS metrics