Optimum re-use of fragments

By means of the re-use functions, you can re-use passages of text or other content in several different modules (blocks). One classic example of this are safety instructions which are defined centrally and then only have to be referenced in the modules. This means that, apart from costing less to produce, the safety instructions are subjected to thorough checks for consistent wording. In practice, however, reuse goes far beyond such examples.

Reuse with full version control

In the Smart Media Creator editing system - SMC - the reuse of modules is extremely flexible:

  • The documents, from which the contents (often also referred to as "fragments") are reused do not have to be qualified as such − all content modules can be used as source material.
  • As an option, the complete contents can be inserted (included), or just a subset of them.
  • Insertions are clearly and visually identified − both in the editor and the HTML preview.
  • The link to the source module can also be removed − either temporarily or finally. This way, the contents can be adapted to the new context or can be made as a copy into the content of the target module.
  • The languages to be used can be defined for the inserts. Unless otherwise specified, the language of the embedded module is automatically "extracted".
  • On request, a special version of the content can be embedded. Unless otherwise specified, the latest version is used.
  • In the event of modifications to the inserted contents, a cross reference automatically appears with a query concerning which uses are to be updated. This means you have full control over updates to insertions.